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Harness the Power of Collaborative Partnerships

As a leading CRO in the life science industry, Toxikon has built strong partnerships with medical device manufacturers, drug makers, formulators of large and small molecules, clinical and preclinical contract research organizations.

Through these partnerships, there is a sharing of knowledge, expertise, capabilities, and a passion for answers that ultimately create a profound energy for product development. These partnerships keep our collective processes and thought-leadership at the highest levels and are always evolving, a paradigm that has developed which is a strong competitive advantage for our clients. 



The Datwyler Sealing Solutions Division

The Datwyler Sealing Solutions Division is a leading supplier of bespoke sealing solutions to global market segments such as Healthcare, Automotive, Civil Engineering and Consumer Goods.  This is built on leading material, engineering and process know-how and the worldwide presence with own production locations. With a global manufacturing footprint, sales in over 100 countries and more than 5,000 employees, the company generates an annual revenue in excess of 500 million Euro.

Their technology and material specialists develop complex and unique coatings and rubber compounds.  These enable pharmaceutical companies to fill vials and syringes with medicine, for example, without endangering the safety of patients.  And thus give numerous people across the globe access to new medications.




The ROMMELAG Group of Companies

With its four specialist divisions of ENGINEERING, CMO, FLEX, and SERVICE, the Rommelag brand represents a strong network of local, independent companies across Germany and Switzerland that each share the same end goal: reaffirming to you on each and every project that choosing Rommelag was the best decision you ever made.

Rommelag ENGINEERING is the inventor of blow-fill-seal technology (BFS) and the global market leader in the aseptic filling of liquids and semisolids with its bottelpack machines that are primarily used in the pharmaceutical, chemical, and food industries.

Rommelag CMO provides quick and easy access to BFS technology without having to invest in either the mandatory GMP environment that goes with it or thespecialists required to operate and maintain the machines.

Rommelag FLEX, offers special containment solutions for bulk goods and film-based packaging solutions.

Rommelag SERVICE are the specialists for commissioning, validating, repairing, or servicing bottelpack systems before issues arise..












Triad Scientific Services

Triad Scientific Services is consultant-based technical service organization that provides the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food and related industries with integrated, science-based, and practical solutions to suitability for use challenges for packaging, manufacturing components and systems, and administration devices. Triad simplifies and optimizes the complex and extensive process of suitability for use assessment via the practical application of the necessary good science, both in terms of principles and practices. Based on its long experience with, and broad understanding, of the scientific and practical aspects of suitability for use assessment, Triad helps sponsors, suppliers, vendors, CROs and consultants to devise and implement the right studies at the right time, to produce and assess the right information, to generate the right assessment, and to communicate and defend those studies, information and assessments properly and effectively.


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