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Toxikon Europe has developed a “Screener Database” (TOX-RAYTM) containing over 2000 Volatile, Semi-Volatile and Non-Volatile Organic Compounds

This document mainly focuses on some reflections in the selection of WFI as an extraction solvent and on some general considerations regarding the relation between E/L studies and physical-chemical compendial tests.

Toxikon Europe, a preclinical contract research organization specialized in extractables and leachables testing for the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries, is ramping up its research and development ...

Toxikon Europe has started up a Research Program in order to elucidate the  Structure of ‘unknown’ extractable compounds, accomplished by means of Accurate mass measurements ...

When performing extractables studies and subsequent leachables studies, it is often observed that the identity of the extractable compounds can be different from the compounds, identified as a leachable.....

Amid efforts at harmonization, important differences exist between U.S./FDA/ISO and Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare (Japan) medical device biocompatibility requirement

By Laxman S. Desai and Laurence Lister

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medical device, preclinical contract research, lab work, combination devices, animal models, cardiovascular, ocular, orthopedic and neurological devices, biocompatibility toxicity, sensitization, irritation, specialized imaging, measurement and monitoring equipment